Strict Diet Plan to Lose Weight

June 18, 2011
Strict Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Strict Diet Plan to Lose WeightStrict Diet Plan to Lose Weight Quickly

You will have to muster up a huge deal of discipline, and will also have to recondition the way you think about food if you want to follow a Strict Diet Plan to Lose Weight. Though the act of losing weight is not that difficult, you can easily lose weight without diet pills, without cutting back on the quantity of food or even without sacrificing fats and carbs, and exercising.

Unlike the other mainstream diets, the calorie shifting diet doesn’t require any kind of sacrifices. You can eat as much food you want and until you are fully satisfied. You can eat foods from the four major food groups. You will also never feel hungry and can also satisfy all your cravings for food.

The main essence of the calorie shifting diet is based on the principle of manipulating the body’s metabolism process at will and inducing weight loss by stimulating the action hormones that are responsible for burning fat cells in the body.

Our body’s metabolism reacts to the presence and absence of certain nutrients in our system by either consuming them to release energy or by storing them as fats. These nutrients, when consumed in the right combination, recondition your metabolism and make it believe that it lacks nutrients and tap the fats stored in the body to release energy. By the time your body begins to melt fats, you add nutrients back in your system. This, in turn, withholds the other types of nutrient from being consumed. In simple words, though you eat up to your satisfaction level, you don’t consume more calories.

This strict diet plan to lose weight is not guaranteed, however. You can get this result by simply following the four basic rules mentioned below:

1.Eat as much as you want, but don’t engage yourself in binge eating. Overeating can be counterproductive on any kind of diet.

2.Always maintain a gap of 2.5 to 3 hours between your meals. You should give your body enough time to digest the food previously consumed and then eat the next meal.

3.Take a 3-day break from your diet. This will provide your body with a chance to rest from the rapid weight loss that you are undergoing.

4.Always eat four meals a day as per the calorie shifting diet.

Mentioned below is a sample strict diet plan to lose weight that illustrates the functioning of the calorie shifting diet. It is specially designed to work in 11-day cycles. We will take a short glimpse at three days with the kind of food you can eat. However, always keep in mind you can also shuffle your four daily meals in each respective day.

Day 1:

Breakfast: A meal consisting of scrambled eggs
Lunch: Any type of sandwich
Dinner: Tuna salad
Snack: Flavored oatmeal

Day 2:

Breakfast: cottage cheese
Lunch: Mixed vegetables and scrambled eggs
Dinner: Chicken
Snack: Banana Milk shake

Day 3:

Breakfast: cottage cheese
Lunch: Fish filet
Dinner: Fruit salad
Snack: Chicken

Always keep this in mind; you need to have a huge sense of determination to maintain a strict diet plan to lose weight and iron dedication if you want to reach your goals.

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