Nutrisystem Review

June 18, 2011
Nutrisystem Review

nutrisystemNutrisystem Review, What is it all about?

Here is my Nutrisystem review.  The Nutrisystem is a weight loss system based on a portion control concept and low glycemic index. It involves ordering pre-packaged meals from Nutrisystem online. These pre-packaged heat and eat meals are delivered to your doorstep.

The Nutrisystem weight loss system approach involves the consumption of Nutrisystem pre-packaged meals. The meals contain a wide variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. These meals appear convenient when you want to have complete control on the portions you eat.

The second part of the Nutrisystem program involves members only access to tracking tools, weight loss counselors, community groups, logs and diaries, chat room and blogs and interactive strategy tools to achieve long term success. The weight loss program emphasizes regular exercise and you can seek the help of a virtual trainer who’ll show you how to do different exercises in a safe and healthy way.

Nutrisystem Review,  What’s good?

While other weight loss programs involve signing contracts, Nutrisystem does not have any contract and the membership offered is absolutely free. The heat-and-eat meals can be ordered directly from the website and they are then delivered to your doorstep. The ongoing deal means Nutrisystem supplies one week of free food with a 4-week order.  The price of the pre-packaged foods is not too high. Considering the amount we have to spend on groceries and the effort that we have to put into preparing meals, the Nutrisystem pre-packaged foods appear to be a convenient choice.

You can choose your own plan and your own food package. You can choose foods that appeal to you most or you can choose a customized menu. The customized menu allows you to select food for your 28-day plan.  You have all the important information about the food you order such as nutritional information and photos of the food you want to order. You can make great savings by choosing auto delivery for the pre-packaged food you order.

There are special Nutrisystem weight loss plans designed for men, women, diabetic patients, vegetarians, women over 60, and men over 60. The food supply for the 28-day plan includes pre-packaged food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dessert and dinner. The featured foods have low glycemic index, good carbohydrates and a good amount of protein to make you feel full longer.  The food also contains a good amount of soluble fiber to promote heart health.

The Nutrisystem D is a diabetic weight loss plan specially designed for people with type 2 diabetes. The weight loss system effectively lowers the triglycerides level, blood sugar levels, and total cholesterol levels.

Nutrisystem Review, What’s not good?

The pre-packaged meals that are sent arrive in seven sets of three meals. You will need sufficient space in the freezer to store them all and this can sometimes cause inconveniences. Some people complain about feeling hungry even after a wholesome meal. Since the pre-packaged meals are high in protein content, people often complain about gas problems in the initial phase of the program.

After finishing the weight loss program, it is difficult to maintain the weight as you revert to preparing your own meals. Success with The Nutrisystem weight loss system depends on the dieter’s transition from pre-packaged to regular home-prepared meals.

Nutrisystem Review, Conclusion

Despite some drawbacks, the Nutrisystem weight loss program has a perfect combination of hunger control, variety in nutrition, and convenience. The wide varieties of menu options are designed exclusively for losing weight.

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