Weight Watchers Review

June 18, 2011
Weight Watchers Review

Weight Watchers ReviewThe Weight Watchers Review Program

Here is our Weight Watchers Review.  Weight Watcher weight loss program is one of the oldest and most popular weight loss programs. Excelling since the 1960’s, Weight Watcher is now being operated in almost every corner of the world. This weight loss program encourages a sensible diet of ordinary, healthy foods coupled with exercise and a positive attitude. It is also very flexible and anyone can easily stick to it.

The Weight Watcher diet plan demands strict calorie control and doesn’t involve eating any kind of prepackaged food. You can eat whatever you want and can still fulfill your dream of losing weight.

The Weight Watcher weight loss program operates on a point system known as the ‘Flex Plan’ in which points are allotted to foods and drinks according to the calories and not on saturated fats.  For instance, foods like beans, shoots, onions, and red peppers don’t carry any points and hence you can eat these foods as much as you want. In contrast, there are foods which have points such as the potato, which has ½ a point per 50g, a mango, 1 ½ points and so on. You will be provided with a food list to calculate these points.

The idea behind this is to keep you attached to your daily point allowance, which is given to you on various factors such as weight, gender, activity, age and so on. Through this program you are sure to lose 1lb-2lb a week and as time progresses you can also lose anywhere between 1lb-7lb.

Weight Watchers Review, What’s Good

The unique selling point of Weight Watchers is it is actually based on the most basic and simple ways through which people can lose weight. This program still gives vital importance to basics such as calorie counting and group counseling.

However, the main essence of Weight Watchers is unlike other weight loss programs that focus on low carbs. Weight Watchers gives prime importance to calorie control – the heart of any weight loss regime.

The other point that makes Weight Watchers really outstanding is it is very easy to follow and has all the educational tools and support, which can keep dieters on the right track to good health. Weight Watchers also conducts support meetings, which help keep the users motivated. Lots of aids such as cook books, treat bars, crisps, measuring spoons, Weight Watchers weighing scales (of person as well as food), and pedometers are provided to members in order to help them through this program.

Weight Watchers Review, What’s Not Good

The benefits of Weight Watcher weight loss are huge and there is really no place for any negatives, however, a person wishing to lose weight through this weight loss program will have to muster a lot of discipline and dedication in order to succeed in this program.

Weight Watchers Review, Final Words

Our final words in this weight watchers review are, through its innate features, Weight Watcher weight loss program is one of the best long-term weight loss programs and contains all the necessary ingredients vital for losing weight. It is definitely a good program for people who have the motivation to stick to it and lose weight.

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