Weight Management Program

June 18, 2011
Weight Management Program

Weight Management ProgramWeight Management Program for a Healthy Lifestyle

There is no doubt that weight management program is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight management is interpreted by people in different ways.  For most people it would mean maintaining their body weight within a healthy range. Overweight people would look for weight management programs that would help them to lose excess body weight. Whereas people who are underweight would look for a weight management program that would help them to increase their weight.

A good weight management program should include a healthy diet containing essential elements like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in moderate proportions. Foods that are high in fiber and contain negligible amounts of calories work best to give you a fuller feeling without adding extra pounds to your weight. Regular exercises that can include walking or using equipment to do cardiovascular exercises can complement the effectiveness of any weight management program

Some people who want to control their weight prefer to eat frequent small meals and avoid snacking unnecessarily while some take three meals a day and choose healthy foods for snacks between their meals.

If you ask yourself, “What is the best weight management for me?” the right answer would depend upon the goals you want to achieve.

The right weight management plan depends on how much weight you intend to lose and what kind of food is suitable for you to achieve that goal. It is always helpful if you consult your doctor, as he or she is the best person to recommend the appropriate weight loss goal for you.

There are different weight management programs that include methods such as diet and nutritional combination. The merits of any weight management program can be judged by asking a few questions such as:

1)   Is the diet designed to fulfill the daily nutrient requirements of the body?
2)   Doses the program include exercise with dieting?

The ideal management program will have a yes for both questions. Let’s see how you can choose the right weight management plan to achieve your health goals.

1.    For Overweight and Obese people:

  • A structured weight loss program under the guidance of a nutritionist.
  • A support group will also be helpful in this case as a little help and encouragement always works.
  • A customized meal that considers your likes and dislikes. You need to take into account the number of calories needed daily to keep you healthy.
  • A customized workout is equally essential to develop the physical fitness ability

2.    For moderately overweight:

Choose a program to help you achieve weight loss through proper nutrition and portion control. You should include more healthy foods and follow a systematic exercise program to complement it.

It is essential that your weight management program include a balanced diet. The diet should contain all the daily allowances for protein, minerals and vitamins. Consulting a nutritionist is always helpful to design your customized diet.


Many people have to maintain their weight for various health reasons such as heart ailments. Some people need to eat sensibly and exercise daily to prevent further complications in their medical condition.

Weight management programs are not only intended for obese people, but can also be successfully applied by anyone who wants to improve their health or maintain it.


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