Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

June 18, 2011
Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

Top 10 Fat Burning FoodsHere are the top 10 fat burning foods that can help you lose weight and increase your metabolism.  Most of these foods can be found easily at the store, and they are very high in nutrition to help you cut your calorie intake.

Believe it or not, there are 10 different foods here that can help you burn fat. Apart from being fat burners, these foods also contain a high nutritional value. The top 10 fat burning foods are:

The Top 10 Fat Burning Foods List

Oatmeal: The first top 10 fat burning foods is number one amongst all the nutritional foods, which help you to burn fat. This is the best if you want to melt all the fat in your body in the least possible time.

Wheat and grain Products: 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain is the most recommended food to burn fats.

Green Vegetables: These are the best fat burning foods. They really contain the best nutritional value and are also very low in calories. Green vegetables with lean proteins can turn your body into a fat burning tool.

Fresh Fruits: The majority of fruits are rich in fiber and they are low in carb calories. These intrinsic features of fresh fruits make them the perfect food for weight loss. They also contain a high level of useful vitamins and help you to energize. They also keep you healthy throughout the day.

Yams (sweet potatoes): This is one of my favorite top 10 fat burning foods.  This natural food is poor in calories, but is a very rich source of nutrients.

Egg Whites: Egg white is rich in proteins and contains zero amounts of fats and carbs. This makes egg whites a great food to be included in your weight loss regime. However, avoid eating the yolk as it contains 50 more calories than the egg white.

Fish: Different kinds of fish are a huge source of proteins and are appropriate to help burn fat. Some seafood, such as the shrimp, lobster, mussels, and crab are the best fat burning foods. They have a very high protein content, but negligible amount of fats.

Non-fat dairy products and Skin Milk: Non-fat dairy products are very rich in carbohydrates and proteins, and are suitable foods for people who are looking to lose weight.

Chicken and Turkey Breast: Eating the white meat and removing the skin makes chicken and turkey breasts rich in proteins. However, do not fry before eating these top 10 fat burning foods.

Lemon juice and honey: The last top 10 fat burning foods is the best homemade prescription to burn fat in your body. Mixing lemon juice and honey in warm water and drinking one full glass a day can accelerate the process of burning fat in your body by as much as 20%.

You will not have to undergo any drastic change in your lifestyle, nor will you have to pay a heavy price in order to add fat burning foods to your diet. You just need to understand the logic behind the action of different kinds of foods and their effect on your metabolism. These top 10 fat burning foods, when included in any weight loss program, can help you to lose weight at a faster rate and in the most nutritious manner.

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