Lose Belly Fat Fast

June 18, 2011
Lose Belly Fat Fast

Lose Belly Fat FastHow to Lose Belly Fat Fast

If you want to lose belly fat fast, you have to understand how excess fat is stored in the body in many ways. There are various factors that contribute to excess fat content in our body. Some of the factors are lack of exercise, not eating a balanced diet and overeating.

Losing belly fat fast demands a two-way approach:

1.    You need to develop healthy eating habits and not crash dieting. It is important to achieve long lasting healthy changes in your body.
2.    Cardiovascular workout, full body exercises and interval training are essential to burn belly fat. You need to incorporate abdominal exercises in your daily exercise workout to tone the stomach muscles and get great looking flat abs.

Let’s discuss this two-way approach in more detail.

1)   Lose Belly Fat Fast with Healthy Dating Habits

It is the easiest way and includes the reduction in the amount of calories you consume. You should select more healthy foods and avoid foods that are loaded with calories.

Healthy eating habits do not mean crash dieting which deprives your body of fat and carbs to reduce calorie intake. Such diets give you temporary results as they lower your metabolism.  You are likely to gain more weight once you stop following these diets.

Healthy eating habits give importance to substituting foods in your daily diet with healthier options. It also focuses on the size of the portions of your meals and the amount of water you take in. All this has a big effect on your ability to lose belly fat fast.

Healthy eating will help your stomach become accustomed to smaller amounts of food, which will decrease your intake of calories.  You can lose up to 11-15lb in a week. You should include fruits and vegetables in your diet.  You can eat apples, oranges, mandarins, boiled vegetables and all other fruits without any dressings.

2)   Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast:

There are various exercises that help you lose belly fat fast.

•     Cardiovascular exercises tone your stomach muscles.
•     High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) burn more fat, builds strength and improves endurance.
•     Weight Training raises your metabolism and builds muscles.
•     Abdominal exercises such as bicycle crunches, leg lifts and crunches work on your abdominal muscles, but are not good enough to burn fat.

You have the option of swimming, biking, dancing or playing sports as they give a good cardiovascular workout to your body. By doing exercises, you build muscles in your body. Muscles need a lot of energy; hence, it will invariably lead to burning the fat stored in your body.

It is not necessary to have all your body exercises target your belly fat. Your exercise routine can include aerobic exercises that increase our heart rate, which leads to burning of more fat and helping lose belly fat fast. Doing Yoga or Pilates is also helpful in increasing your metabolism and building more muscles. A higher metabolism means burning more calories and easier burning of fats.


To lose belly fat fast, you should develop healthy eating habits and complement it with daily exercises.  Healthy eating along with exercises will lead to faster results. It is necessary that you continue with healthy eating and exercise regime to keep off the belly fat after losing it.

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