Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Review

June 18, 2011
Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Review

Jenny Craig Wieght Loss Program ReviewThe Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

Jenny Craig weight loss program deals with three critical areas for effective weight loss: Food, Body and Mind.

The program helps you develop a healthy relationship with food. The program teaches you portion control in your meals and helps develop healthy eating habits following Jenny Craig’s delicious and nutritious menu.  The Jenny Craig weight loss program encourages you to have an active lifestyle. The program is customized to increase physical activity level after considering your current lifestyle. The Jenny Craig weight loss program pursues a balanced approach to living. It teaches you to create and maintain balance in your busy lifestyle and helps you stay motivated at all times.

The food offered in the program is healthy as well being in the right portions to fit perfectly in your weight loss goals. Some of the delicious food items that grace the menu list are Cheddar Cheese Omelet or Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast, BBQ Beef Panini or Classic Noodle Chicken soup for lunch, and Aloha Beef or Classico Chicken Parmesan for dinner.

The program combines three types of activities such as natural that includes washing and mild cleaning, playful like dancing and playing with your kids, and planned and customized exercise plan which includes cardio, resistance, stretching and yoga.

The program also has a support system to keep you motivated. The consultants have personalized discussions with individuals about their results and obstacles.  They not only customize the program for you but also discuss strategies and plans, which help you to rise to the next level of fitness.

What’s Good with Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

The best part of the Jenny Craig Weight Loss program is that it is easy to follow. Once you enroll in this diet program, you do not have to control the diet by yourself.  The menu is customized and set after studying your dietary requirements and lifestyle. All you have to do is enjoy the nutritious and delicious meals that are delivered to your doorstep.

People joining this Jenny Craig Weight Loss program are required to eat only the prepackaged meals until they reach the halfway mark of their weight loss goal. You are not required to count calories or count portions to stick to your daily recommendations.

Diet is only one part of the Jenny Craig weight loss program. The program researches diverse ways to promote activity in your current lifestyle. If you intend to lose weight, you will be encouraged to get more active as time passes. Once you get familiar with the activities, new ones are introduced to keep you motivated. The program teaches you how you can get exercises from normal day-to-day activities

Support is one of the important aspects of the Jenny Craig weight loss program. People are often tempted to deviate, but the effective support system helps you remain motivated. The program also lets you connect with other people following the program. This helps, as you are able to learn what various difficulties they face and how they succeed in overcoming them.

What’s not good with Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

Expensive: The Jenny Craig weight loss program is a bit expensive as it includes pre-packaged food that is the basic part of the program.

Difficulty in eating out: People enrolling in this program find it difficult if they have to eat out as the program emphasizes eating only pre-packaged Jenny Craig diet food.


Since, the Jenny Craig Weight loss program is customized, it takes into consideration all the requirements of your dietary needs and makes sure that it will work for you. The program brings convenience in your weight loss goals and motivation.


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