Glycemic Index Diet

June 18, 2011
Glycemic Index Diet

Glycemic Index DietGI Diet

A Glycemic Index Diet, commonly known as GI Diet is gaining huge popularity and it is now being considered as one of the healthiest ways of losing weight. The glycemic index diet is more of a way of eating than a diet. Many people are now following the GI Diet way of eating to realize their dream of losing weight.

The Basics of the Glycemic Index Diet:

The basic essence of the glycemic index diet is it ranks carbohydrate foods by attributing them with a number that ranges from 0 to 100. This number is nothing but an indicator to measure the rate at which food raises blood glucose levels during the process of absorption. The higher the glucose value, the quicker the sugar absorbed.

What exactly is the Glycemic Index Diet?

The GI Diet is no different from a low carb diet. However, it is not a strict diet and exclusively targets types of carbs instead of targeting the quantity of carbs in each meal. It also emphasizes more on the timing of the two primary types of meals – a protein and a carb meal. The art behind the timing and types of meal makes the GI Diet a powerful tool that helps you to lose fat stored in your body. It is also the safest and relatively quickest way of losing extra pounds. It is also all about insulin and controlling blood sugar levels.

Foods included in Glycemic Index Diet:

The food included in this diet is classified into Low GI, medium GI and high GI levels. A high glycemic index food has a value of more than 70 whereas those with a value of 56-69 are considered medium GI foods. Those with a value of less than 55 are considered low GI foods.

Low GI Diet foods are the best as they provide a steady supply of energy over the course of several hours. These foods also make you feel fuller for a long period of time.

The Glycemic Index Diet basically includes foodstuffs from various categories such as breakfast cereals, bread, vegetables, snacks and sweet foods, fruits, legumes and dairy products.

Is the Glycemic Index Diet Simple?

The diet is very simple as it includes foodstuffs that are basically chosen from the list of low GI diet foods. However, it gets complicated if you create a meal made up of different food items with different GI diet values. The idea behind this is to make sure that you make your meals with a low Glycemic Index.

Benefits of the G.I way of eating:

•     By adhering to the GI Diet, you will experience less hunger pangs and fewer cravings for sugary foods.
•     You can limit the storage of fats in your body without depriving yourself of eating tasty foods.
•     You can also enjoy some of your tasty foods and still lose fat.
•     If you follow the GI Diet, you will be less vulnerable to diabetes and other diseases.
•     You also don’t have to follow strict calorie reductions.
•     The low GI Diet may also reduce the risk of developing muscular degeneration

In a nutshell, the Glycemic Index Diet is one of the healthiest ways of losing weight without sacrificing the urge to eat tasty foods.



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