Free Diet Plans Online

October 23, 2011
Free Diet Plans Online

Free Diet Plans OnlineWhat are the free diet plans online?

There are many free diet plans online to choose from.  These online diet sites are essentially a program or a diet plan that will be available free of cost for a common user. Such diet plans will quickly turn up as a result of web search, using relevant keywords.

The free diet plans online are designed to offer general dietary guidance to the dieters and are meant to cater to a variety of fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle development and the like.

Since these free diet plans online are largely generalized in nature, it is important that you know how to use such free programs for the best possible results. In the following sections, we give you an insight into the 8 most important things you should know about using free diet plans online. We also give you a glimpse of some of the well-known online diet plans available to you free of cost [1].

8 Things You Should Know About Free Diet Plans Online

  1. Choose wisely. Just don’t rush to pick up the first one you find. Select the one which matches your taste and is closest to your lifestyle. For instance, some of the online diet plans might have ingredients or food groups which you don’t prefer or have been advised not to have.
  2. Know your goals. Decide what you want out of the online diet plan. Are you looking for weight loss, detoxification or just to make your eating habits healthier?
  3. Keep an eye for accuracy. Analyze the plans you find through web search carefully. Just make sure that the nutritional logic behind the diet is accurate and is in line with your requirements.
  4. Customize. Know that the free diet plans online might not have been designed by someone your age, gender, body structure and weight. There might be a lot of success stories around the specific plan. However, remember what worked for someone else might not essentially work for you as well.
  5. Be alert and stay in tune with your body. While you are following the specific free online diet, your body might give you some signals telling you that the plan is not suiting you and causing adverse effects. It’s always best to discontinue the diet and seek medical advice in such cases.
  6. Know the benefits. Ideally, a good free diet plan online should offer at least the following:
    • A well-structured diet plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks – 7 days)
    • Diet tips
    • Diet dos and don’ts
    • Specific health advice
    • Weight loss tools
  7. Know the terms. Though you will find quite a few genuine service providers also, yet the web is full of fraudulent agents giving false claims and carrying loads of hidden charges. For instance, there are some sites which might give a free of cost service for some days/weeks and then expect you to pay up. In such cases, make sure these terms are clearly listed beforehand and you shouldn’t be in for any surprises at the end of the day.
  8. Get references. Whenever possible, try and get references or testimonials from people who might have already used the specific plan you are considering.

5 Free Diet Plans Online You Can Follow [2],[3],[4]

Just to get you started and demonstrate how free diet plans online look like, here we’ve given a quick run-through of 5 free diets available online. Read on to know how each of them can help you in meeting your specific fitness goals.

1) eDiets (

To start with, this service makes a free profile for you once you enter your goals for weight loss and other preferences. Once done, you are informed of your BMI, a calorie plan, a customized diet plan and one specific exercise along with instructions for you to follow. The services will be free till this point, beyond which you will be required to subscribe.

2) (

This provider offers you two packages, with one being totally free of cost and other a paid one, with the latter having a number of additional features. In this free diet plan online, you will be able to get facilities like fitness tracking, expert advice, a workout builder and a huge number of free recipes.

3) DietWatch (

This plan uses a nutritional calculator to prescribe the exact amount of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, cholesterol, iron, sodium, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C you need to consume. You can also have access to facilities such as expert advice, fitness plans, meal plans, shopping lists, exercise schedules, recipes and regular newsletters.

4) WeightLossBuddy (

A free of cost diet plan, this service offers interesting features such as finding a fitness buddy for you and giving you a diet calendar, meal planner, daily weight tracker and even a personal fitness blog space.

5) SparkPeople (

A free of cost fitness plan available online, SparkPeople offers specific nutrition and fitness advice based on your individual lifestyle and needs.

To get the best out of free diet plans online, you not only need to pick up the best ones available but also know how to implement and use them in a proper manner.

[1] Note: The reader is advised to use his own analysis and judgment before adopting any diet program. The author doesn’t endorse the use or avoidance of any of the methods mentioned in this article.

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