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Here is our Review. diet plan is a membership-based web site, where you gain a lot of information and support that can help you lose weight and in a most sustainable manner. assists in weight loss and includes long-term tools and behaviors, which promote weight loss maintenance. It contains customized diet plans in order to fit every individual’s lifestyle, current health status and personalized weight loss goals.

At, you can primarily start out with their two-week personalized meal plan, exclusively reviewed by registered dietitians. It also has a vast collection of meal substitution lists, grocery shopping lists, a tracking system with a weigh-in area, a diary and a checklist, all of which are required for a successful weight loss regime. Review, What’s Good About it?

The good point that makes diet plan outstanding is it offers a diet program according to the individual’s personality. You just need to fill their Personality type diet online questionnaire and then simply have a go on one of the most successful weight loss journeys. Once you fill the questionnaire you will receive a customized diet plan which includes personalized fitness and nutritional guidelines, meal ideas incorporated with your favorite foods, a dining-out guide coupled with weekly motivational emails and expert advice on exercise and well-being.

It also provides assistance from certified nutritionists and dietitians and also allows dieters to talk with other dieters about meal plans and exercise regimes. There are also weekly podcasts on the web site containing health and diet tips, health news and inspirational advice, which you can easily download into your MP3 player. also makes a report of its members’ progress each week.

The web site also has more than 1000 recipes categorized according to meal, type of food and nutrition. Apart from providing you with a personalized diet plan, also provides you with a detailed and a specific exercise program. These exercise programs are designed exclusively for strength and flexibility. They also tell you how much and how frequently you should exercise. Review, What’s Not in ?

With so many innate features, has no room for faults. However, though its existing personalized approach is enough to embark on a successful weight loss journey, it could have scored much higher if they were more interactive with their members than they currently are. With such an expanding base, it will be better for if they also increase their membership by eradicating the initiation fee. They can also grab the attention of more people willing to lose weight if they make their access rates more economical and affordable to the layman. Review, Bottom Line diet plan is really a sense of fresh air in the entire arena of the online diet industry. It covers as many bases as it possibly can to help its members lose weight effectively as well as safely. It also shields you with all the necessary equipment, which can help you to lead a healthy lifestyle as well as achieve your dream of losing those sad extra pounds.

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