Diet and Exercise Plan for Men

December 11, 2011
Diet and Exercise Plan for Men

Diet and Exercise Plan for MenMaking an Effective Diet and Exercise Plan for Men

When it comes to the right diet and exercise plan for men, there are two clear objectives that have to be met, which are:

  • Fat and weight loss
  • Muscle development and stabilization

As is the case with most of the fitness plans, it is mandatory that men wanting to enhance their overall fitness levels adopt a wise combination of both the measures including exercise and a well-planned diet.


Exercise has long been an integral part of men’s fitness routine. The grueling cardio workouts and weight training sessions, combined with proper diet plans have always yielded desired results for men pursuing their fitness goals.

Read on further to know more about the various components of the diet and exercise plan for men which you can combine to achieve your objective.


As with any fitness plan, the golden rule here is to burn more calories than you consume. This single step will put you on a strong foothold in your pursuit to achieve a particular level of fitness.

In the modern times, the best way to incorporate a diet into your fitness plan is to adopt a meal plan. You can do this by using a computerized diet generator which asks you for your body weight, weight loss and fitness goals, along with your likes and dislikes for food. Once done, it then works out a personalized and customized meal plan, keeping in view your requirements and tastes.

Diet dos and don’ts

For those of you wanting to adopt a specific diet and exercise plan for men, what you should have and avoid in your diet remains largely similar to the normal guidelines. For instance, fatty, high-carb and fried foods along with alcohol and tobacco remains a big obstacle to fitness.

Similarly, baked, steamed, low fat and low carb-foods along with sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables are the ideal foods groups which will help you in your fitness endeavors.


Cardio – Heart health and weight loss

A rigorous and planned cardio training session should be the most important part of the diet and exercise plan for men. From improving cardiovascular health to burning calories, increasing the flow of blood and strengthening your lungs, cardio training offers a plethora of benefits.

The range of workouts you can take up for training are almost endless, including the likes of running, walking, aerobics, biking, swimming, spinning, canoeing and  elliptical trainers. Combined with the right diet, a daily cardio regimen of around 30 to 90 minutes is advisable for best results.

Weight training

Primarily meant for strengthening and toning, it is the result of a strict weight lifting regimen that you see in the finely sculpted bodies of body builders. Usually done in a 3-day, 4-day, 5-day or a 10-day cycle, weight training can be incorporated in the diet and exercise plan for men in a vast range of combinations.

In most of the cases, it is advisable to plan this specific module under the expert guidance of a fitness trainer.

As is the case with meal plans, you can also go in for a customized exercise regimen to develop a highly effective diet and exercise plan for men. For this purpose, you can avail the services of a certified personal trainer or fitness expert.

6 Helpful Tips

Once you are sure you’ve managed to devise your very own, personalized diet and exercise plan for men, it’s time to ensure the most effective implementation.

Here, we give you a set of 6 most useful tips you can use to ensure success in your objectives.

  1. Maintain a fitness diary. Record your progress and important milestones. You can even maintain your very own food journal for future reference.
  2. Team up with like-minded men keen on fitness. You will get a lot of motivation and helpful information in the process.
  3. Be realistic and easy on yourself. Don’t expect immediate results and when you do fail in-between, re-focus yourself and continue with your efforts.
  4. Give yourself a break. You can skip your exercise and diet plan on weekends or at least on Sundays, if your body and lifestyle allows.
  5. Don’t roll back. Know that it is very common for men to revert to the old habits and hence, get back to their earlier weight once the diet and exercise plan is over. Be alert enough and flag a point beyond which you need to start worrying about your weight once again.

Any goal we set in our life is best achieved if followed in a systematic and organized manner. It is for this reason that you should chalk out a specialized and personal diet and exercise plan for men to achieve your desired fitness goals.

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