Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

June 18, 2011
Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Cabbage Soup Diet RecipeGreat Tasting Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

Sprinkle a little herbs, add a dash of pepper and salt, and you have a great tasting Cabbage Soup diet recipe. I always thought it originated from the military, because my father tried this a few times back in the 80’s when he was trying to lose some serious weight in the military, but I haven’t seen anybody attempt it since then. My father did lose weight though, so i guess it works as long as you can keep your interest in cabbage soup.    I tried my fathers cabbage brew a few times, and I have to admit it’s not so bad but I would definitely have to change it up a little bit, maybe a little more herbs or garlic.

Unlike most diets, you get to eat as much cabbage soup as you want or could stand for one week, because cabbage has really low calories.  Any longer then a week, and you may be risking health problems because cabbage has no nutrients for your body.  Maybe it might be a good idea to pop a daily vitamin while on the cabbage diet.  But regardless if you can last a week just eating cabbage I would be really surprised.

The cabbage soup diet recipe is a strict diet plan that is hard to follow, and you must really love to eat cabbage.  My favorite cabbage soup diet recipe is just to steam the cabbage, add some salt and pepper, and a little bit of low fat butter.  My fathers favorite recipe was too take beef bouillon cubes, some spicy spices and add that to his soup mix.  There are a bunch of ways to keep your soup interesting, you can add just about any spice to cabbage and it will be tasty.  Just make sure what ever you add to your cabbage soup, it has no calories. Also be sure to drink lots of water and avoid fruit juices, soda, milk and anything other then cabbage.

If you must break the cabbage soup diet recipe routine, try eating a fruit or changing the vegetable to as I mentioned earlier.  The main goal is to make through the seven days, without indulging in heavy carbs or proteins.  If you can make through the seven days I’m sure you will notice weight drop, I have tried this once and lost 10 pounds, but I unfortunately I gained it all back.  I need to write an article on how keep the weight off after you have lost it.  Overall the cabbage soup diet recipe works great if you can keep it interesting, and another thing that’s mentionable is that cabbage soup diet plan is a cheap and affordable diet plan.


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