BeachBody Review

June 18, 2011
BeachBody Review

BeachBody ReviewBeachBody Review of Fitness Products

BeachBody was founded by Carl Daikeler and John Congdon in 1998. This company is well- known for its wide variety of weight loss products.

Some of the programs offered by the company are:

1. Rockin’ Body:  Shaun T is the creator of this program. You learn routines easily thanks to Shaun’s “Mark it” and “Move it” techniques.

2. Slim in 6: This program promises to reshape your body in just 6 weeks. The exclusive slim training technique by Debbie combines light resistance moves with fat burning cardio exercises that will help you slim down and achieve a toned body without bulking up or building muscles. The program comes with tools for tracking your progress.

3. Turbo Jam: This workout program by Chalene Johnson includes body sculpting, kick boxing and awesome dance music. Last year, more than one million people benefited from Turbo Jam. According to a recent university study, Turbo Jam burns more than 1000 calories in an hour- that’s even more than step aerobics, Pilates and running.

4. Kathy Smith’s Project: YOU!: This program helps manage the health of people who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The 12 week fitness program comes with a  workout guide, Workout wallet (with CDs and DVDs), Workout calendar, Cookbook, Mix and Match Meal Cards, Program guide, food and fitness journal, and BeachBody coach with online support.

5. Hip Hop Abs: This program by Shaun T teaches you his “Tilt, tuck and tighten”   technique to get six pack abs and to shed excess fat from your entire body. The programs include four routines-secrets to flat abs, fat burning cardio, ab sculpt and total body burn.

6. Power 90 or P90X (In Home Boot Camp): This body transformation and weight loss product is designed by Tony Horton. It promises to give you the body that you have always wanted in 90 days. The program has six cardio and body sculpting workouts using sectional progression to get toned fast. It also contains tracking tools that help you monitor your progress.

Users of these products can avail online support facilities and diet guidelines. Both will help them in losing excess fat and achieving the perfect toned body they desire. All the fitness programs on the web site are suitable for both men and women.

Other than exercise programs, the web site offers a range of weight loss supplements such as Meal Replacement Shake, Slimming Formula, Performance Formula, ActVit Multivitamins, Results and Recovery Formula, and 2 Day Fast Formula.

All BeachBody work out plans and supplements can be bought directly from the web site. The great thing is that all the products on the web site come with a 30-day money back guarantee. The customers can also get their queries answered through a toll free phone line. In addition, the web site contains a “Diet and Support” link on the home page to assist members of the web site. You can also read through the success stories posted on the Internet.

The disadvantage of these products is that they require major lifestyle changes from the customers. Moreover, some weight loss programs require you to purchase additional equipment.

Overall, BeachBody weight loss programs are a great way to lose weight.

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